Mini Coney Island

From the inner border fabric [yellow print]:

 • Cut (4) 2 ¼” strips. Cut into (2) 2 ¼” x 21 ¾” L/R and  (2) 2 ¼” x 25 ¼” T/B borders [in the original pattern it read 24 1/4"]. 

If you have already cut your borders and don't have enough fabric to cut (2) more, you can:

-add posts to the 4 corners [in that case trim your second set of yellow borders to 21 3/4" and add posts of the same yellow print from the remaining portion of the strip or add posts from an alternate color, your choice].

 -use the large remaining portions of the yellow strips and piece longer strips. Cut your needed 2nd set of borders from the pieced strips. The seam will not show on such a small border.