Pattern Updates

Thank you for choosing to purchase and work on one of our patterns. We have become known in the industry for clear and precise instructions with many hints and tips to make your piecing life easier. However, try as we may to be perfect, sometimes mistakes get past us even when we have the patterns edited and tested by students and other designers.

We really apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. Any mistakes that are found are immediately corrected with inserts or pattern corrections during the first printing, so it is likely that your pattern will not be affected by any mistake or omission. If it is, please refer to the corrections and suggestions found below.

Scissor Satchel August 2017
Acorn Dance August 2017
Mini Coney Island December 2016
Popsicles June 2016
Sherberts & Creams June 2016
Mini Popsicles June 2016
Star Crossed February 2016
Cross Check November 2015
Mini Laundry Baskets October 2015
Mini Twirl May 2015
Mini Canned Pears March 2015
Easiest Handbag Ever June 2014
Sweet Sixteen June 2014
Daisy Chain August 2014
Schoolday Satchels December 2011
Bunny Duet October 2011
Daisy Chains October 2011
Goodnight Moon April 2011
Clovers June 2010
Little Jellies June 2010
Satchel for 2 June 2010
Strawberry Café June 2010
Vanilla & Blooms June 2010
Amelia & Me October 2009
Fresh Vintage #14 October 2009
Jelly & Jam October 2009
Purselets Pattern April 2009
The Pastry Shoppe October 2008
Paris Traveler’s Bag October 2008
Christmas Rose April 2008
Figgy Pudding October 2007
Plain & Simple October 2007
Fresh Vintage Volume Five October 2007
Jelly Roll Diamonds April 2007
Boughs of Pomegranates April 2006
Circle of Stars October 2005
Goosetracks in the Pumpkins October 2005
Quilted Lace October 2005
Buttercream Diamonds April 2005
Poinsettia Baskets April 2005